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Moving Forward

This entry is public, which is rare for me to do.
I've been thinking a lot lately, because I need to decide where I want to go in my life. However, I keep getting pulled back by memories from the past, which is something I want to end.

This is partly an apology. To anyone who I have hurt or upset by my actions, I am sorry. While I do my best not to hurt or upset people, I am sometimes blinded by anger or let things get to me and I do stupid things. I always regret it. So again, I apologize to anyone I have hurt, upset or offended.

Likewise, to those who have done something against me, I forgive you. This is the hardest thing to do, but I have come to realize that I am holding onto things that people have done to me which they have probably forgotten about, or could care less about. I need to let it go, or I will never be able to move forward.

At this point, all I want is a clean slate. I don't want to hold grudges or have people holding grudges against me. I want to not feel like people are out to get me anymore. I know that many people will not see this, and that's fine. At least I know for myself that it is out there, and that is the first step in a clear conscious.

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In support of Cosplay Oneesan/Starry Candy Box, I will be boycotting the PMX tea party. Please spread this around if you would like to join in the effort.

I'm sure everyone is very excited about Maki and Asuka returning to America, but there are a few things that we feel should be brought up.
First and foremost, this event is not sponsored by, or even know about by, Cosplay Oneesan/ Starry Candy Box. This is the company that brought AP to the US in the first place, organized 2007's tea party and put on last year's Yumemiru Musical Paradise. The fact that there is no event this year does not mean that they are done putting on events; it means that they are taking more time to try to put on the best event that they can for the community, for Lolitas by Lolitas. This event at PMX is mostly an attempt by PMX to make money, as their con was nearly dead last year without the Lolitas that had supported them the year before.
Second, this event will cost a lot more money. You have to buy a badge in order to even get anywhere near AP. Cosplay Oneesan made the boutique free for anyone who wanted to shop; if you want to visit the boutique at PMX, you need to pay at least $35 (depending on when you buy your badge). In addition, if you want to attend the Tea Party, you must pay $45 more. There are also VIP tickets, which will probably cost upwards of $100 and will most likely have no perks besides sitting at the same table as Asuka or Maki and perhaps some sub-par hotel food.

Cosplay Oneesan/ Starry Candy Box has done immeasurable amounts of work to try to promote Lolita, in particular Angelic Pretty, in America. They brought Angelic Pretty here and put on an amazing event, and the work that they've done has been taken by PMX in an attempt to make money. Lolitas constantly say that they don't want to be associated with the Otaku culture, but putting an event at a convention that mainly caters to anime fans is not the way to go about this.
If you would like to support Cosplay Oneesan/Starry Candy Box and having stand alone lolita events for Lolitas by Lolitas, there are a few things you can do:
~Do not attend the tea party. This is where PMX intends to make lots of money off ticket sales and especially VIP.
~Attend the panels and express how much you support Cosplay Oneesan/Starry Candy Box and ask them why they have decided to come to America for an Anime convention when they have a standalone event.
~Feel free to visit the boutique: the money goes to AP! If Maki and Asuka are there, tell them that you appreciate them coming to America, but you support Cosplay Oneesan/Starry Candy Box. Let them know that you want the standalone events back!

Help keep the Lolita events that are made for you by your fellow Lolitas by boycotting the PMX Tea Party!
Orihime Wut

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OOPS PV is on fire.
Fortunately it's on the other side of the hill from my mom and grandparents. Hopefully it will stay over there.